ZAMBIA continues to record increase in tourist arrivals


ZAMBIA continues to record an increase in tourists’ arrivals because of an improved aviation sector, says Deputy Minister of Transport, Works, Supply and Communications Panji Kaunda.
Colonel Kaunda said the development is impacting positively on foreign exchange earnings and can help improve livelihoods.
He said this in a speech read on his behalf by director of transport and communications in the Ministry of Transport, Works, Supply and Communications Nelson Nyangu during the launch of a book entitled ‘50 Years of Zambian Aviation’ in Lusaka on Tuesday.
The book generally chronicles the history of the aviation sector and charts the evolution of the industry from the point of view of some stalwarts who have helped build the nation’s airlines and related infrastructure, among others.
“We can also welcome increasing numbers of tourists. All this has a direct impact on our foreign exchange earnings and an impact on the prosperity and well-being of everyone in the country.

“The aviation sector is the backbone of the transport and communication links for any country, particularly a landlocked one such as ours. Thanks to aviation we can export flowers, vegetables and other produce,” Col Kaunda said.
Col Kaunda said the book, which was published by Langmead and Baker with support from Proflight Zambia, is a reminder of people who helped to shape the country’s aviation industry in the last quarter century.
He said the expertise and professionalism by the aviation pioneers in Zambia have helped put the country on the ‘aviation map’ and created a genuine sense of national pride.
“In reading this book, I am reminded that aviation is not only about aircraft, airports and routes. Above all, the aviation is about people. It is these people who have shaped Zambia’s aviation industry in the last quarter century,” Col Kaunda noted. ZDM