Scott challenged to tell the nation who funded PF convention

The PF General Conference in pictures
The PF General Conference in pictures

All politicians both in the ruling and opposition in the country have been challenged to tell Zambians the sources of funding for their campaigns.
And Acting President Dr Guy Scott has been challenged to tell the nation who funded the PF General Conference in Kabwe when the party earlier said they had no resources to host the event.
Addressing journalists today, Zambian Voice Executive Director Chilufya Tayali observes that politicians are mortgaging the country to foreigners.

Mr. Tayali notes that leaders in the country luck political independence hence performance has been questioned when they are elected in government.
He has since challenged UPND Leader Hakainde Hichilema to declare his interest in foreign companies and alleged of funding his campaigns clear out the speculation.
He has also called on the PF President Edgar Lungu to also tell the nation who is funding his campaigns.
He says it is surprising that Mr. Lungu who was also said to have mo resources is now able to use a chartered plane for campaigns.
Report by Albert Mpezeni



  1. You would be surprised how many zambian businessmen and accountants became wealthy through money laundering. All of Deloitte and Touch partners since it was open for business to date, were involved with money laundering. Commerce bank used accounts of wealthy customers for money laundering. Khan was a corrupt animal.

  2. It was money for retirees who will not retire next year or the year after till what the mad white old man signed is reversed, damn it!