LAUNCH OF PF NATIONAL CAMPAIGN in Pictures with Kambwili
LAUNCH OF PF NATIONAL CAMPAIGN in Pictures with Kambwili

PF President Edgar Lungu has explained that the PF was voted for on a vision and its manifesto of 2011.
He explained that the party found itself in sad circumstances where its leader died before the 5year term mandate given by the Zambians could finish.
He stated that this mandate was cut short by the death of President Michael Sata.
He explained that the party has a collective vision voted for by Zambians. He said he will continue to pursue this vision and build on it.

Lungu received criticism when he explained on “Let the People Talk” on Radio Phoenix that he did not have a vision of his own but was pursuing the five-year collective vision of the PF and it’s Manifesto of 2011.
He said he will bring a certain style to the Presidency but essentially the PF was a strong institution and it’s manifesto and electoral promises must be fulfilled. He said the electoral promises on jobs, empowerment and the fight against poverty must be fulfilled.

During his national launch of the campaign on Saturday, Lungu expressed concern at the high cost of fuel despite the fallen oil price on the world market.
He also expressed concern at the high cost of mealie meal proposing that production costs have to be driven down by setting up milling plants in areas of production and other initiatives.
He also stated that FRA outstanding payments to farmers was now being paid.
He also stated that he would ensure that PF’s ambitious projects of Link Zambia 8000, Pave Zambia, the construction of Universities, schools, hospitals, clinics and health centres were completed.


Emmanuel Mwamba