Lubinda is an opportunist – Tembo

Lubinda , Lungu
Lubinda , Lungu

Kabwata Constituency Member of Parliament Aspirant Candidate Clement Tembo has labeled Kabwata MP Given Lubinda as an opportunist.
Mr. Tembo said this when he visited Kamwala South UCZ Church where he advised the congregants to use the power of voting to elect right leaders for Zambia.

Mr. Tembo says due to divide and rule strategy, Mr. Lubinda has divided his own party structures which is a blessing in disguise as the party structures are now working with him.
Mr. Tembo says the power belongs to the people.

Mr. Tembo has since urged the churches, clergy, families to help Mr. Lubinda retire or aspire for greater heights as he has served for 13years without a single clinic, police post and no tarred roads in Lilayi, Jack and Kamwala South.
Mr. Tembo also took time to donate undisclosed number of pockets of cement towards the church on going building activities.

Meanwhile, Reverend Mbambala of Kamwala South UCZ Church introduced Mr. Tembo as an emerging leader and has fresh ideas.
Report by Albert Mpezeni and Nancy Chenga



  1. Why be jelous of him then? Every one of us is an opportunist. Only a fool would ignore an opportunity, or didnt your father teach you Tembo anything at all?…kikikiki, he was not there? Sorry, my bad!