DEC applauded for sensitising public workers on corruption

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—-Lundazi District Administrative Officer [DAO], Mukule Banda, has commended the Drug Enforcement Commission [DEC] for embarking on sensitising public workers in Lundazi on the dangers of drug abuse and money laundering in the country.

Mr Banda observed that drug abuse and money laundering have serious and devastating effects on the country’s economy because they destruct the moral fibre of society, discourage investors, cause loss of government revenue through tax evasion, encourage corruption through organised crime and threaten national security among others.

 Mr Banda was speaking during a sensitisation meeting organised by the National Education Campaign Division [NECD] under the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) held in Lundazi district over the weekend.

Mr Banda said money laundering is one of the most notorious multi-dimensional and transnational crimes on the Zambian scène like drug trafficking and robbery.

 He further disclosed that drug abuse involves illegal use of cocaine, alcohol, cannabis and heroin among others.

And speaking earlier, Eastern Province DEC Coordinator for Education and Counselling Services, Shadreck Lubita, said in order to combat money laundering and drug abuse, government enacted the Prohibition and Prevention of Money Laundering Act number 14 of 2001 as amended by Act number 44 of 2010, the Forfeiture of Proceeds of Crime Act number 19 of 2010.

Mr Lubita further disclosed that the Financial Intelligence Centre, Act number 46 of 2010 and the Whistle Blower Act number 4 of 2010, provides necessary legal and regulatory tools to authorities charged with combating money laundering and drug abuse in the country.