PF President Edgar Lungu extends olive branch to opponents

Presidential Campaign begins for Edgar Lungu; Picture: Sully Chanda Simukoko

Patriotic Front – PF President Edgar Lungu has extended an olive branch to all his opponents in the ruling party.

Mr. Lungu says he has no grudge against his opponents because it is their democratic right to express and exercise their political ambitions.

The PF leader, who was speaking on Radio Phoenix, Let the People Talk Programme, said it is understandable that some people have not accepted that he is the President of the PF party.

He said he will however wait for his opponents to heal from the disappointment of losing an election so that the party can soldier on ahead of January 20 Presidential Elections.

And Mr. Lungu has assured the nation that he will not let his political ambitions destroy the economy.

He said the Zambia economy will improve with time because even the best economies in the world fluctuate.

And on the mining sector, Mr Lungu says he will seal all loop holes that the mining sector uses to evade tax.

On Youth unemployment, Mr Lungu says the major solution to the problem is to provide vocational traning for young people.