Kasama motorists define recent fuel reduction a mockery

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——Motorists in Kasama say the 25 Ngwee fuel reduction price is too minimal and has no impact on them.

Speaking on behalf of other motorists, Mwanja Jumbe, said the reduction is a mockery as it was making little difference.

 A random check by ZANIS this morning found that all the three filling stations in the district had reduced the pump price from K10.63 to

The motorists said it would have been better for the Energy Regulation Board (ERB) to leave prices as they were than reducing it
by 25 Ngwee because the reduction has nothing to smile about.

Mr Jumbe said the government should have considered reducing the price by K1 if the difference was to be felt by consumers.

The ERB has reduced the fuel Pump price by 25 Ngwee.