— HH no march to EL — Malama

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— Patriotic Front (PF) Mfuwe Constituency Member of Parliament (MP) Mwimba Malama says the opposition has got nothing to offer in terms of developing Zambia above what the ruling party has scored so far.



Mr. Malama says  opposition leaders such United Party for National Development (UPND) leader Hakainde Hichilema among others are much to PF presidential candidate, Edgar Lungu.



He says the opposition leader is promising ‘cosmetic’ policies and development that are not feasible to develop the country.


ZANIS reports that the PF parliamentarian was speaking in an interview in Lusaka today.


Mr. Malama, who is also Defense Minister of Communications, Transport, Works and Supply, urged the Zambia people to vote for Justice and defense Minister Edgar Lungu in next year’s presidential election slated for January 20.


The Deputy Minister said the PF would carry on with the legacy of late president Michael Sata.


Mr. Malama said the UPND would confuse and disturb the programs of government because its leader does not understand how government operates.


But  the UPND leader in his recent nationwide campaigns been assuring the nation that he is capable of alleviating the sufferings faced by the people once elected as head of state on January 20, 2015.



  1. Its nt true remember pf ws also in opposition bt thy wre givn th mandate. Let him jst say hw thy develop th nation. Nt those cheap politics only peaple who r nt wel imformed ll agree with hm

  2. u want to protect yo job,we know,u will support even a grade 2 as long as yo job is safe.