Authorities in Chibombo intensify fish ban patrols

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—A team of officers from the Department of Fisheries and the police in Chibombo district has intensified patrols around Lukanga Swamps and other water bodies in the area to enforce the fish ban.


And Chibombo District Commissioner, Felix Mang’wato, has warned that any fisherman who will be found violating the fish ban will be arrested and taken to court.


In an interview with ZANIS, Mr Mang’wato said it is illegal for anyone to fish, transport or trade in fish during the period of the fish ban.


He said the fisheries and police officers are aware of the alternative roads that fishermen use to sneak fish into the communities and are, therefore, monitoring these routes.


The DC has since advised the fishermen in the area to engage themselves in other income-generating activities during the fish ban to avoid being arrested.


Mr Mang’wato has further advised community members to be vigilant enough by not buying fish from the fishermen during the fish ban.


He said the fish ban is not meant to deny people of their relish or deprive fishermen of their livelihood.


He explained that the fish ban is enforced to give chance to fish to breed and thereby sustaining the fish production.


Mr Mang’wato said if people were allowed to continue fishing throughout the year, the fish stocks in the water bodies would deplete.


He has also called on the traditional and civic leaders in the area to take part in the enforcement of the fish ban by sensitising community members on the importance of observing the ban.


The fish ban began on December 1 this year, and will be lifted on February 28, 2015.