Allow PF to finish what Sata started, Lungu tells opposition

Hon. Edgar Chagwa Lungu took time to officially open a Military Hospital in Ndola
Hon. Edgar Chagwa Lungu took time to officially open a Military Hospital in Ndola

Patriotic Front President Edgar Lungu says there will be very little change in the initial period of his presidency if elected because the ruling party already has a running development programme for the country.
Mr Lungu cites the ongoing construction projects such as roads, schools and hospitals as some of the projects the Patriotic Front government is already implementing.
He says it will be naïve and folly for him to imagine that he will implement his vision in the remaining period before 2016.
Mr Lungu says Patriotic Front will revise its manifesto beyond 2016 to accommodate his vision and personality.
And Mr Lungu says opposition leaders are lying to the people of Zambia by promising wholesome changes when elected.

He says the opposition leaders should not pretend that they will bring new things on the table when they can only continue were President Sata left from.
Mr Lungu adds that there is nothing new that the opposition will bring to the table because everything is on course under the PF government.
He stated that nothing can be done in the remaining period before 2016 to change what the PF has been doing.
Mr Lungu says the opposition should allow the PF to finish what President Sata has left behind.
Meanwhile Mr Lungu has reiterated his call to the other faction in the Patriotic Front to come back to the fold.
Mr Lungu was speaking on Radio Phoenix’s Let the People Talk this morning monitored by QFM.



  1. If he has to finish where Sata Left, I wonder how much the price of mealie meal and the rate of the kwacha will be and farmers will be paid in February for their maize.

  2. In other words now that the hurdle within the PF party is seemingly over opposition parties must allow desperate EL have a free pass to the national presidency. He has no plan of his own or ideal than greed to enjoy life in state house probably undergoing paid for rehab. Actually EL’s weeping show during MCS’s funeral was classic! Wonder why it has not gone viral!

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