Alexander Chikwanda speaks out on political wrangles

chairperson for Elections Sylvia Masebo escorted by armed police officers stormed Mulungushi Rock of Authority
chairperson for Elections Sylvia Masebo escorted by armed police officers stormed Mulungushi Rock of Authority

MINISTER of Finance Alexander Chikwanda has cautioned politicians not to go against people’s wishes in choosing Zambia’s next president and he has assured the international community of a smooth and peaceful political transition.
And Acting President Guy Scott says there are no succession wrangles in the Patriotic Front (PF) and has assured investors that citizens will elect a new President within the stipulated 90 days in line with the constitution.
Mr Chikwanda said Zambians are peaceful and united despite having a few “rogues” that have been rented to disturb peace.
The minister told journalists shortly after the official opening of a Zambia Development Agency (ZDA) and Pangaea Securities conference yesterday that Zambia is a stable country with good and consistent policies.

He assured the international community that there are no difficulties relating to the forthcoming presidential elections.
“Leaders have to be careful not to go against the grain, because I have seen some recent developments have confirmed that Zambians have a direction, they want everything to be done peacefully.
“Of course there are a few rogues who can be rented, but overall Zambians’ desire is peace,” Mr Chikwanda said
He assured that Zambia will go through a peaceful transition of choosing a new president.
“All the elections have been conducted peacefully. But of course there will be some sensationalism, some of it created by the media but over and above,  the Zambians will proceed and elect a new President  in peace and that unity will prevail,” Mr Chikwanda said.
He also assured that differences in opinion over the adoption of a PF presidential candidate will be resolved before the filing of nominations.
“Those aggrieved may still explore whatever opportunities that may exist including appealing to the Supreme Court. But by the time we reach the nominations, those matters would have been verified,” he said.
Mr Chikwanda said Zambia is a free country with a diversity of opportunities for investment.
“Overall, Zambians have a desire for peace and unity. The peace that has been in Zambia to the genius of the leaders but due to the collective reasoning of the Zambian people. This is one country in the world where there is no xenophobia,” he said.

Earlier, Dr Scott assured over 300 local and international delegates that Zambia is a hub of peace.
“We have gone through these things for a long time but Zambia has remained relatively peaceful and all these events happening in the transition period will come to pass.
“We have had five presidents since the liberalisation movement and we have managed to survive and maintain peace. The succession wrangles are not there, we are quite good at peace,” Dr Scott said.
He said Zambia will remain an investment haven in the world despite some of the recent intra-party differences.
Dr Scott also said there is no yellow fever in Zambia as clarified by the World Health Organisation He said Zambia has written to all countries to clarify concerns about the existence of yellow fever, which requires travellers to and from different states to be vaccinated against the disease.


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