— Twenty two month old infant dies after drinking suspected pesticide in Mongu

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Twenty two month old infant dies after drinking suspected pesticide in Mongu

Mongu 4th December 2014-ZANIS—A twenty two month’s baby  of Rental Compound in Sesheke district of Western Province died after taking insect killer on the 2nd December 2014.


The incident happened when the grandmother of the deceased wanted to go for garden spray but before leaving went inside the house leaving behind the battle of the said drug unsealed outside the house after which the baby accessed it and drunk.


Western Provincial Commissioner of Police Lombe Kamukoshi has identified the deceased to ZANIS as Mutukwa Mutukwa 1-year -10-months and his grandmother as Diana Muntanga 58 of Singani village in Chief Singani of Choma district Eastern Province.


Ms.Kamukoshi noted that after the victim took the toxic substance was rushed to Yeta district Hospital where he was pronounced dead on the same day around 20:00hours.


But the Commissioner said is sanded by the development stating that such children are the future leaders and should not be lost in such manners.


Meanwhile the body of the deceased is currently lying in Yeta district Hospital Mortuary awaiting post-mortem and burial.


In the similar development a grade 11 Sesheke High School Pupil aged 22 died on the 2nd December 2014 around 17:51 after smoking Petrol in Lutawa village of Chief Matape in Sesheke district.


Ms.Kamukoshi confirmed that the incident happened when the owner of the makeshift Petrol Shop identified as Siwesha Mushole went outside and when came back found the deceased also identified as Wasamunu Simakando seated on a Beach holding a Rid of the Petrol Container in unconscious state.


The Commissioner said the deceased was suspected to have sniffed so much Petrol smells and got suffocated.


The victim was later taken to Yeta district Hospital where he later died after receiving medical treatments on the date in question.


Currently the body of the deceased is lying in Yeta Mortuary Hospital awaiting post-mortem.