Tomorrow Investment makes progress on water project

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Tomorrow Investment, the company that is working on the K27.8 million water rehabilitation project in Kaputa district, has made significant progress on the project.

Tomorrow Investment Director, Augustine Katotobwe, said the company has done over 90 per cent in laying pipes and is only waiting for
government’s approval before it can start constructing the pump water works.

Mr Katotobwe said the only remaining works on excavation and laying of pipes has been in areas with too much stones, adding that the company has failed
to break the stones with drilling machines.

He said explosives will be needed to break the stones but this has been hampered as it is near the houses, saying using explosives may
damage houses.

Mr Katotobwe told ZANIS in an interview yesterday that the company will wait for instruction from government and the consulting engineers
to either divert the lines or use other alternatives.

He has since assured Kaputa residents that his company is very committed to complete the works on time.

Meanwhile, Mr Katotobwe said the company is still waiting for government to give them a go-ahead to construct a pump station at
Mwawe River after residents rejected earlier plan to construct the station at Choma River.

Mr Katotobwe said the company will move in with its machinery once the approval is giving so that residents can see the fruits of the investment.

He noted that as long as the residents do not start getting water from the tap, the investment will not be appreciated, adding that this is
why the company will move in with extra equipment to ensure that the project is speeded up once the proposal is approved.

Tomorrow Investment was in 2013 awarded a contract to rehabilitate the water reticulation system in Kaputa district.