Tell the “colonialists” to return the skull to Zambia – Shakafuswa

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DEPUTY Minister of Chiefs and Traditional Affairs Susan Kawandami has told Parliament that Government has made several attempts to retrieve the skull of Broken Hill Man from the British government and bring it back home.

Ms Kawandami told the House on Wednesday that Government has for many years engaged the British government to influence the return of the skull of Broken Hill Man to Zambia.

Ms Kawandami, however, said the British museum, which is governed by a board of trustees, is reluctant to release the skull to Zambia.
She said the British government has failed to intervene but has only offered to make a replica of the skull,  which she said they intend to send to Zambia.
But Katuba member of Parliament Jonas Shakafuswa (UPND) asked the minister to tell the “colonialists” to return the skull to Zambia and Ms Kawandami responded that Government will engage the British government through UNESCO to return it.

He said that once returned to Zambia, the skull of Broken Hill Man will have a lot of economic benefits to the nation through tourism and job creation.
Meanwhile, Ms Kawandami said the eight museums in the country are greatly contributing to the growth of the tourism industry.
Ms Kawandami also said there are three community museums and one site museum in Livingstone.

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