Zambia bids to host AU mineral HQ


ZAMBIA will bid to host the headquarters of the Africa Minerals Development Centre (AMDC) of the African Union (AU).
Mines, Energy and Water Development Minister Christopher Yaluma said hosting the AMDC headquarters would further boost the creation of jobs.
AMDC’s objective is to ensure that Africa’s interest and concerns in the mining industry are articulated and internalised throughout the continent for the benefit and prosperity of all.
Mr Yaluma said in an interview that Zambia would join other African countries in bidding for the housing of the headquarters of the AU AMDC in Lusaka and submissions would be tendered in January next year.
“Zambia has agreed and we are going to bid for the AMDC to be hosted in Zambia as there are so many benefits that will come with having the head office here,” he said.

He said the Zambian people would benefit from the hosting of the AMDC in the country through job creation, research and partnerships.
He said the centre would contribute to building a skilled and knowledge-driven mining sector which delivered greater economic and social benefits as a result of high productivity levels.
“The centre will be a harbour for the mining companies in the region; we shall be able to access guidelines, data and initiatives and in short we would be in the proximity. It will not only enhance the mining industry but also bring good mining practices,” he said.

The AMDC would provide a platform for continued dialogue, networking, sharing of ideas and experiences and contribute to bringing about maximum benefits from mineral exploration in Zambia.
He said the country was endowed with vast amounts of minerals which needed to be properly utilised for the benefit of the Zambians.
Zambia like many other resource rich developing countries had huge challenges to ensure that the country receives appropriate share of the economic rent and at the same time attract and sustain foreign investment.

Times of Zambia