Workers and Peasants Party to contest 2015 Presidential elections

Dr. B. Mwansa Kapika President – Workers and Peasants Party
Dr. B. Mwansa Kapika President – Workers and Peasants Party

While my party the intention had to wait the well planned launching of the party and its party program on 24th of October, we democratically chose to postpone our plans in respect to the condition in which the President was in. However, the unexpected events and power struggles that are
in my country going on have left me with no more choice other than returning to my country
to ensure the continuation of political stability in the country by contesting as a President.

The cornerstone to our party program shall be leadership where the peasants and workers will be given a leading role in the country’s agriculture and industrial developments. We intend to emphasize on rural developments and provide affordable fertilizers and such necessities as water, energy, and seeds. Through such programs more attention would be given to rural developments. This would also encourage the young people to see the profits and advantages from agriculture developments. The emerging self reliance in food production shall be also be a discouraging factor to immigration into urban areas, with the consequential unemployment, street children or street begging. My party will first and foremost re-introduce free from primary to secondary school. While college and university students shall all have access to soft loans in place of bursaries which have proved to be discriminatory to the poor Zambians. On the health sector there will be need to pay attention to the failing health system in the country.

There is a need to re-structure the whole health sector and make good medical treatments accessible to all Zambians. The present health system shows a clear demarcation between the rich and the poor. Whereby the rich fly to South Africa to escape from the failing health system. The present unemployment in Zambia has reached such an explosive level, that it shall need to be seriously looked into through different projects and government investments. Attention to the minimum salary payments will be seriously implemented. The care for the old aged and those with chronicle diseases will get the necessary attention.

I shall use my experiences abroad in medical fields, and as a writer and poet to ensure democracy. That is why during my term as a President, I shall introduce a four year Presidential term. With an option for another last four years term. Which means Presidential elections shall be held every after four year term. At this moment Zambia is experiencing many more presidential candidates. Though this is symbolic to the enhancing of democracy the candidates must also be given equal opportunities and access to the media to explain to present to the voters over their party programs and over their ideas as to how they intend to implement their programs. This can be facilitated through live debates.

President – Workers and Peasants Party

Dr. B. Mwansa Kapika


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