Uncle murders one year old nephew in Nalolo

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A one year old toddler of Muoyo area of Kandiana village of Chief Nalopu in Nalolo district in Western Province has stabbed to death by its uncle.

Western Provincial Police Commissioner Lombe Kamukoshi said the incident happened on December 1 2014 around 11 hours when parents of the baby left for the field leaving the deceased with a four year old boy home.

Ms.Kamukoshi has identified the deceased as Juvenileas Muyendekwa while the suspected has been identified as Angola Sondo aged 30 of the same village.

She noted that as the parents to the deceased were away, the uncle got a Sickle and stabbed the baby leaving him unconscious.

The Police Commissioner further stated that upon seeing this, the four year old boy who was left to take care of the baby went to inform the parents.

Ms.Kamukoshi said when the father  to the boy Dexter Muyendekwa 36 and the Mother Liywalii Kalubi 32 rushed to the scene they found the baby lying on the ground in the pool of blood.

The baby sustained multiple injuries on the body adding that the suspect was also found standing at the scene with the Sickle stained with blood.

The baby died on the way to Muoyo Clinic and the suspect was apprehended by residents.

The suspect is currently deatined at Muoyo Police Post and will be transferred to Mongu Central Police for further investigation.

In another development, residents of Limulunga district in Western Province are living in fear due to the presence of six elephants in the area that are terrorising them.

This has forced some residents to abandon agriculture a ctivities and other normal daily activities in the area

Zambia Wild Life Authority (ZAWA) Senior Warden Gryton Kasamu confirmed receiving the report to ZANIS.

Mr. Kasamu was quick to say that some ZAWA officers have been deployed to the area to safe-guard peoples’ lives and control the animals.

Mr. Kasamu further stated that the elephants are suspected to have strayed from the nearby Kafue National Park.

He however advised the people in Limulunga not to panic over the presence of the elephants in the area and assured them that his officers will make sure that they drive the elephants back to the Park.

Last week, five elephants were reportedly seen in Lukulu district and this caused panic among residents.

And a teacher at Muoyo Primary School in Nalolo district of Lutunda village has allegedly committed sucide.

Western Provincial Police Commissioner Lombe Kamukoshi said the deceased was found hanging in his bed room by his family members around 19:00hours on 29th November 2014.

Ms.Kamukoshi has since identified the deceased as Kalaluka Muyenga 29 who is suspected to have used a mosquito net to hand himself.

She disclosed that Muyenga was found with a note in his pocket stating that he had taken on his life because his wife and family members were troubling him.

The police commissioner said police are not suspecting any foul play into the matter but have opened up an enquiry to ascertain what would be the motive behind the alleged suicide.