PF SECRETARY GENERAL Statement on the violence in Lusaka

Police in riot gear in Central Lusaka - Someone sent me these photos just now from Lusaka -
Police in riot gear in Central Lusaka - Someone sent me these photos just now from Lusaka -

Statement on the violence in Lusaka between cadres issued on 2nd December 2014 by Davis Chama, Secretary General of the Patriotic Front.
We have learnt with great disappointment that isolated incidents of violence have erupted in the capital Lusaka between people believed to be cadres from the ruling party.

We have been informed that a group of youths coming from yesterday’s illegal General Conference caused confusion in town and during this chaos, a Metro cab belonging to Mr. Miles Sampa was smashed.
First and foremost, we would like to condemn the violence because as you know, the PF abhors all violence in all forms regardless of who perpetrates it because we are a peace loving party.

That is the spirit our beloved late President Michael Sata founded this party on. Peace.
We deeply regret that along the way, property has been damaged and we hope the police can get to the bottom of this incidence and bring the culprits to book as soon as possible. Order must be restored.
PF President Hon. Edgar Lungu who is also the Minister of Defence and Minister of Justice is a man well known for nothing but peace.
It is for this reason that we condemn all acts of violence including this current reported one.
It is a well-documented fact that hon. Edgar Lungu gave up the presidency peacefully even when he was not legally required to do so, just like he gave up the position of PF Secretary General peacefully because he loves Zambia and he believes the peace the country has enjoyed must continue.

We know that there is a calculated malicious campaign by the Cartel to link hon. Lungu to violence and hugger in order to continue undermining the credible image of the party.
We wish to urge our party members to remain calm and peaceful.
We also wish to state that all members should be working on building peace, reconciliation and unity. This includes Mr Sampa to whom we extend and olive branch just like hon. Lungu extended an olive branch to vice President Guy Scott yesterday. Hon. Lungu stands for peace not violence

Davies Chama