Pensioners association disappointed with conduct of political party cadres

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The Zambia National Pensioners Association (ZANAPA) in Serenje District in Central province has expressed displeasure at the conduct of political party cadres in the country.


The association has since called on political leaders to control their cadres.


Speaking to ZANIS in a walk-in interview yesterday, ZANAPA Serenje District Chairperson Ewen Chansa said there is a lot of ‘cadrelism’ surrounding the political landscape of the country.


Mr Chansa said if left unchecked, party cadres who have most of the time displayed unruliness will take over the running of the country.


He called on political leaders in the country to control their party cadres to avert political tension in the country.

The ZANAPA Chairperson cited what happened in Kabwe over the weekend during the PF convention where some cadres booed at the PF Chairperson for Elections Silvia Masebo.