ECZ to spend K344 million on presidential polls

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The Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ will spend K344 million to conduct the 2015 presidential elections, ECZ Chairperson Irene Mambilima has disclosed.


Justice Mambilima has meanwhile said the cost of printing the ballot papers will only be known by the size of the ballot paper which will be determined by the number of contesters.


Speaking to journalists at a media briefing at Elections House in Lusaka today, the ECZ chairperson said the size of the ballot paper determines how much the printing process will cost.


She has since called on all political parties to put their houses in order and ensure that only one aspiring candidate represents a particular political party before the filing of nominations slated for December 17, 18 and 19, this year.

She stressed that there will be no extension to the nomination time table on account of any political party not being ready.


Justice Mambilima however stated that the Commission may extend the nomination days
in the event that the number of aspiring candidates exceeds 10.

She stated that the Commission will meet all aspiring presidential candidates next week to brief them on the nomination process and what is expected of them.


She said for the nominations, aspiring candidates should bring with them their National Registration Cards, statutory declaration of assets and liabilities, oath or confirmation of Zambian citizenship and letters of adoption.


Justice Mambilima also called on political parties to ensure that their polling agents were well briefed about the procedures at the polling stations.

She has since appealed to the electorates and the nation at large to ensure that there are peaceful campaigns and polls saying all the citizens have a role to play in the elections.


Justice Mambilima further urged the electorates not to hesitate to report any electoral malpractice to the police, Anti-Corruption Commission or any other relevant authority.


She also called for the cooperation of all stakeholders in the electoral process to allow the Commission carry out its work without any hindrance.


The ECZ chairperson reminded political parties and their supporters that it was only
her commission that has the mandate to conduct elections in Zambia.


Justice Mambilima also called on the media to report factually by ensuring that their reporting was fair and balanced.


She also stated that the findings of the delimitation exercise that was recently carried out were still being compiled and that they will have no impact on the 2015 presidential elections.


She said the commission will still use the 6, 456 polling stations that were used to vote in the 2011 tripartite elections.


Justice Mambilima further said the ECZ has continued with its pilot project on the electronic transmission of results from the polling station but said this will not be used in the presidential election.


She said as has been the practice, results from the polling station will be physically delivered to the 150 constituency centres by the presiding officers of the polling stations.


She said the respective constituency results will then be transmitted electronically to the commission headquarters and to the national results centre at Mulungushi International Conference Centre.


Meanwhile, Justice Mambilima said the commission was making good progress in preparing for the presidential election.


She said so far, the commission has delivered ballot boxes, ballot booths and trays adding that the procurement has commenced for other election materials which are expected to complete bulk deliveries to all districts by December 20, 2014.


On voter replacement for those that have lost or damaged their voters cards, Justice Mambilima said the commission will open four centres in each constituency for seven days for voters’ card replacement only.


She said this exercise will run from December 28, 2014 to January 3, 2015, adding that the centres will be publicised in the media once consultations with the districts are complete.