Chief Msoro- calls for peaceful campaigns

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Chief Msoro of Mambwe District in Eastern Province has called on all political parties to embrace peaceful campaigns ahead of the January 20 Presidential by- elections .

Chief Msoro said leaders in political parties should learn to love one another and work in unity.

He told ZANIS in an interview that chiefs want to see campaigns conducted in a respectful manner 

He said for development to flourish in Zambia peace and love should be key preserves embraced by all.

The traditional leader observed that Zambia is a Christian nation therefore allowing any forms of behaviors that are aimed at disturbing the Christian values on which the nation is anchored on shall not be tolerated.

He said politicians should refrain from using youths as tools of violence but share positive massages on how they intend to develop Zambia from where it is today.

The Chief has further warned his subjects not to sell their votes to corrupt politicians as doing so will sell their freedom.

He said people should vote for leaders with a good goal on developing Zambia especially rural areas.

Meanwhile, Chief Msoro has called on government to quickly work on roads in his chiefdom.

He pointed out that most of the roads that include the Katete-Msoro road last received a face lift in 1946 adding that the road has worn out due to time and increase in economic activities in the area.

He further appealed to ZESCO to consider connecting Msoro to its supply.

The chief explained that it is surprising that ZESCO has not connected Msoro to its national grid despite setting its provincial main power supply in Msoro Village.