Mailoni brothers’ mum gets house

mailoni brothers
mailoni brothers

THE shooting dead of the three Mailoni brothers who terrorised residents in Luano Valley of Central Province for more than seven years which led to the displacement of not only villagers but their mother Janet Ngimu  made  sad reading.
On the other hand, Ms Ngimu did not just suffer at the  hands of her late sons but also suffered humiliation to the extent of having her house set ablaze by angry villagers who accused her of harbouring her sons leaving her homeless.
All her belongings including her important documents were burnt in the house.
But she was quickly rescued by alert police officers who at that particular moment were patrolling the area.
Ms Ngimu was reduced to living in a squalor simply because she was the one who gave birth to the trio.
But while others closed their hearts and eyes to the plight of Ms Ngimu a Kabwe couple could not resist but offer a helping hand.
Although the women movement failed to reach out or show concern over the state of affairs of Ms Ngimu, a good  samaritan did not turn a blind eye in line with the preaching of the Holy Bible.

Ms Ngimu, mothered Mika, Fabian and Stephano said the entire episode of the killings was still traumatising, adding that she was turned into a nomad as a result of the truant acts of her sons.
A Kabwe based lawyer  Mulilo Kabesha of Kabesha and company and his wife, Rachael, has since come to the  rescue of Ms Ngimu by constructing her a one bedroom house to prevent her from getting soaked during the rainy season.
Mr Kabesha who handed over the house on the out-skirts of Kabwe recently urged journalists to consider  bringing  out challenges faced by vulnerable people in the community instead of concentrating on reporting on politics.
He explained that he decided to construct a decent house for Ms Ngimu after a story which was carried in the Times of Zambia  which highlighted the deplorable condition in which she lived.
Mr Kabesha said he was touched by the story adding that accommodation was a basic human right for every citizen and appealed to society not to close their eyes towards the needy in society.

“I am  happy today to be handing over a small gift to Ms Ngimu and I owe this to the reporter at the Times of Zambia who looked beyond just the news story but also considered the  humanitarian side of it and I urge the media to bring out such stories so that those who are able can assist,” he said.
The legal practictioner said it was important for the media to always use their pens for the benefit of the needy in society like the case was for Ms Ngimu.
Ms Ngimu has been a victim of circumstances and  asked those who were still bitter as a result of the deeds of her late sons to forgive her and put the past behind.
And Ms Kabesha said it was a responsibility of every Zambian to assist especially the elderly people who are often marginalised by society.
She said it was through such gestures like assisting them that they can tap into the blessings.
That way the elderly, widowed, orphans are supported in every way possible and cautioned members of the public against stigmatising the elderly people.
“I want to state that issues of such a nature are everybody’s responsibility and therefore, Zambians should always take advantage of such ventures so as to bring a smile on people’s faces,” she said

And Ms Ngimu who was short of words praised God and thanked the Kabwe couple for assisting her saying it was a prayer answered.
“I can only thank God for using the couple to assist me, I did not even think that such a decent house could be  constructed for me within this period of time,” she said
And son to Ms Ngimu, Nelson thanked Mr and Mrs Kabesha for the assistance rendered to her mother.
“This is the reason I am saying that my late brothers caused the death for themselves by killing innocent  people for no reason which had left me homeless and a destitute,” he said.

Given the scenario, Ms Ngimu said she would not go back to Luano Valley to seek shelter there where she hails from because she did not know how people there would react towards her especially those who had lost their loved ones at the hands of her late sons.
She confessed that the killings were traumatising which she would live to remember forever considering that she was also beaten by her late sons.
And Central Province Permanent Secretary Edwidge Mutale paid glowing tribute to Mr Kabesha and his wife for  providing shelter to Ms Ngimu.
Ms Mutale stressed that assisting the vulnerable in society was not a responsibility of the Government alone but there was need to partner with individuals, churches and other stakeholders on so doing.
She paid tribute to the couple for coming to the aid of Ms Ngimu and prayed that God would continue to bless them abundantly.
It is a well known fact that everyone has a fundamental human right to decent housing, which should ensure access to safe, secure, habitable, and an affordable home with freedom as well as security from forced eviction.
On the other hand it is the Government’s obligation to guarantee that everyone can exercise this right for its citizens to live in a secure peaceful, and dignified place .
This human right must be provided to all persons irrespective of one’s income or access to economic resources.
The decision by the Kabeshas to come to the rescue of Ms Ngimu is commendable and it is hoped that many Zambians will  emulate  their kind  gesture and always offer a lending hand to those who are weak and vulnerable in society.


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