Chikwelete resigns from PF

Kabimba with Robert Chikwelete
Kabimba with Robert Chikwelete

Ruling Patriotic Front (PF) Chawama Constituency chairperson Robert Chikwelete has resigned from the party.

In a statement released to Qfm News this afternoon, Mr. Chikwelete says he has resigned because he does not want to be part of what is happening in the ruling party.

Mr. Chikwelete who is also former Lusaka Mayor states that the spate of violence that has been witnessed in the ruling party is what has made it difficult for him to continue being its member.

He says he joined the ruling PF with the belief that it had a bright future and that this belief was proven right when the people of Zambia voted the ruling PF in government in 2011.

Mr. Chikwelete notes that what however saddening to party members like himself and the general public is the form that the ruling party has taken from the time that President Michael Sata died on October 29th this year.

He says he particularly thinks that the PF being the ruling party should be a leading example of how political party in a Democracy like Zambia should conduct itself.

Mr. Chikwelete says he however expects to see unity of purpose and discipline within the party as what has been happening in the last few weeks is civil disorder and gross act of indiscipline on the party of PF members.




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