Veterinary intensifies dog vaccination

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Veterinary intensifies dog vaccination

Isoka, 28 November, 2014, ZANIS ………The Veterinary and Tsetse Control Services Department in Isoka District of Muchinga Province has embarked on a vigorous dog vaccination campaign in a bid to prevent the outbreak of rabies.

Isoka District Veterinary Officer (DVO) Dr. Nasilele Kalonga confirmed the development to the National Agricultural Information Services (NAIS) in an interview yesterday.

He SAID the exercise begun on Tuesday at the President’s Park in Isoka Central and in Mutonda village where more than 50 dogs have been vaccinated so far.

Dr. Kalonga said that his department has endeavored to carry out the exercise in the wake of rabies outbreak which was declared in the district last week after 12 people were bitten by a rabied dog.

Dr. Kalonga told NAIS that his department had to quickly move in by procuring 500 doses of rabies vaccines to be used to vaccinate dogs to help contain the outbreak.

The DVO noted that the response by dog owners was not as per expectation and urged them to come forward and have their dogs vaccinated as they risk contracting rabies if they don’t, adding that all unvaccinated and stray dogs will be destroyed soon after the vaccination exercise.

‘’Prevention is better than cure’’, the DVO echoed meaning that vaccination was cheaper than treating a rabies patient and called on all to cooperate.