Three sentenced to death by hanging

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Three sentenced to death by hanging

Mansa, November 28, 2014, ZANIS…………………. The Mansa High court has sentenced three people to death by hanging for murder contrary to Section 200 Section 201 Cap 87 of the Laws of Zambia.

Before High Court Judge Petronella Ngulube was Roy Mahona 25, Simon Mubita 25 and Jonathan Chisese 30 all of Messenger compound in Mwense district.

Particulars of the offence were that the trio on July 10 2014 in Mwense district whilst acting together caused the death of Bruce Chimba.

The three beat Chimba up before they strangled him by the neck and later hanged him to poles that support the roof of his house to portray that he had hanged himself.

In passing Judgment, Judge Ngulube said the prosecution proved beyond reasonable doubt as the posterm which was done at Mansa General showed that the victim died of a fractured dislocation of the spine and severe head injuries.

Judge Ngulube however said there were no extenuating factors in the case and returned the mandatory verdict for offence of murder, the death sentence and further directed that the three be hanged by the neck until pronounced dead.

In the same court, Judge Ngulube acquitted four people of Mwansabombwe district who were charged with  murder.

They include  Derrick Chansa, 28, Demus Kabaso also 28 and Andrew Kabwesha 18 all of Chilindi Village in Chief Kazembe’s chiefdom  who were accused of murdering James Kateka the man suspected to be behind the burning of eight houses in Mbereshi.

Judge Ngulube acquitted the four after the state failed to prove a case against them while the other two, Rosemary Chalwe and Austin Mubita were sentenced to 20 years and 10 years each respectively.