Teachers commended for malpractice ‘free’ exams

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The Professional Teachers Union of Zambia (PROTUZ) has commended teachers for having conducted this year’s grade seven, nine and twelve final examinations in a generally malpractice free manner.


PROTUZ Public Relations Director John Mutale told ZANIS in an interview in Lusaka today that the union will continue sensitizing their members about the dangers of examination malpractice.


Mr. Mutale said examination malpractices compromise the quality of education.


He said education was cardinal for economic development of the country hence the need not to adulterate it.


He said the union will continue working with the Ministry of Education and the Examinations Council of Zambia to ensure that the malpractices are completely done away with.


Mr. Mutale has also commended the ECZ for releasing this year’s grade seven examinations results in good time.


And Mr. Mutale has appealed to the members of his union throughout the country not to be used by politicians ahead of the January 20, 2015 presidential by-elections.


Mr. Mutale said teachers should exercise their right to vote for the presidential candidate who aims at improving the quality of education and improving their condition of service.