NAREP launches 2015 presidential campaign


Restoring Our Nation, Liberating Our People
The Official Launch of the National Restoration Party Presidential Campaign
Ladies and gentlemen. Fellow Zambians. We are here today to officially launch the NAREP presidential campaign.
This is no ordinary year. The death of our late president has happened exactly 50 years from the date of our independence – in the year of our Golden Jubilee. Biblically, the 50th year is God’s year of restoration. It was the year God chose, after seven harvests of seven years each, to reclaim His land and restore His people.
I, Elias Chipimo Jr, have been given the mandate on behalf of our Party, the National Restoration Party, to stand as a candidate in the presidential election that will take place on 20 January, 2015. Given the importance of putting in place a new constitution, we had earlier advocated a blueprint for an interim president to serve for a short period of time solely for the purpose of ushering in a new constitution and paving the way for a new generation of leaders to emerge. We felt as a Party that this would have been one way to unify the country and to guarantee a new and more inclusive political future for all Zambians. We remain optimistic that a unified approach can still be achieved.
The theme of our campaign is: “Economic Freedom for Every Zambian”. Some of you may ask: “Why have we chosen the theme of Economic Freedom?”. The answer is simple: because it is Biblical and communicates an urgent need of our time. You see, we achieved political freedom in 1964. What our people need now is economic freedom – the freedom to make decisions that are not based on poverty but decisions that are based on prosperity:
– our mothers and fathers need economic freedom to be able to afford mealie meal to feed their families and to decide where they want to live, what type of house they want to buy, which schools they want to send their children to
– our families need economic freedom to afford access to decent healthcare
– our nurses and doctors need economic freedom to perform their duties with dignity and professionalism
– our youth need economic freedom to become successful business owners who are not dependent on handouts
– our marketeers and street vendors need economic freedom to be able to move from a hand-to-mouth existence to a life of wealthy entrepreneurs
– our rural farmers need economic freedom by being paid for their produce on time and dreaming of one day becoming large-scale commercial farmers
– our universities and colleges need economic freedom to be able to provide quality tuition to our school leavers
– our school leavers need economic freedom to be able to pay tuition fees and live full and active student lives
– our Zambian businesses need economic freedom to build a strong foundation for their future prosperity
– our entrepreneurs need economic freedom to become owners of large-scale mining operations and major industrial, commercial and trading enterprises
– our citizens need economic freedom to secure electricity on a consistent basis and avoid load shedding
All of this is possible, with the right leadership.
Let me tell you what I believe: I believe that this is no ordinary election. When you enter the polling station on 20 January next year, you will be making a spiritual decision. You will be deciding whether you will choose a destiny ordained by God, or whether you will choose to continue to live as slaves in your own country.
Do not fear the money or the crowds of our opponents. When God says it is our time then it is our time and nothing can stand in the way of that. Let every church, every ministry, every synagogue and congregation that bows to Jehova Most High say to its people and to one another that the time for redemption, renewal and restoration is now. The time for our economic freedom for every Zambian is now. The time for our Heavenly Landlord to reclaim Zambia and restore it’s people is now.
Let us therefore go boldly and proclaim to every Zambian that in this year, at this time of our Golden Jubilee, a leader for our generation has arisen with an anointing to free our people from the bondage of poverty; one who will stand in the gap and unite our nation under the banner of the cross of Christ.
Go out. Tell your neighbour. Tell your friends. Tell your family. Tell every stranger that a Joshua has arisen who is ready to stand in the gap and reclaim the promised land. To our women, our youth, our traditional authorities and our church leaders, I humbly ask that you walk with us on this journey of hope to restore our nation to the place that God always intended for it to be.
Join us as we fight to deliver our people from poverty. Join us and fight together with us for the economic freedom of every Zambian.
I thank you and may God’s grace be with you all.
Elias C. Chipimo, Jr.
National Restoration Party
Friday 28th November 2014



  1. Elias Chipimo for president. All we are crying for more universities and lowered school fees, legalisation of marijuana so justice can prevail. Marijuana is a lot of money someone can talk about, it will enable us ghetto youths to be who we want to be. We need a stable life.