2)—-Nakonde women urged to report GBV cases

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-Chief Machiya of the Bulima speaking people in Mpongwe district has urged the Patriotic Front leadership to show respect and dignity for the late Republican president Micheal Sata’s legacy.

Chief Machiya has further called on the ruling party to elect a leader that will guard and protect the values and developmental ideologies of the late head of state.

In an interview with ZANIS in Mpongwe today, Chief Machiya said the country had experienced unprecedented development under the leadership of President Sata and that the PF owe it to the Zambian people to continue with the numerous developmental projects initiated by the late head of state.

“ The spirit of President Michael Sata is still alive, his spirit is not dead in Mpongwe, so please all politicians in the ruling party show respect”, he said.

The traditional leader further appealed to all politicians to show leadership as Zambia heads towards a critical leadership transition.