Sinyangwe wants land empowerment for govt workers

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Sinyangwe wants land empowerment for govt workers

Monze, November 27, ZANIS —Southern province permanent Secretary Annie Sinyangwe has advised local authorities in the area to set aside land for government workers in their respective districts.

And  Ms Sinangwe has cautioned civil servants against taking advantage of the current transition period  to abuse or steal public assets entrusted in them.

Addressing heads of government departments in Monze yesterday, Sinyangwe noted that councils did not deliberate prgorammes targeting government workers to acquire land for development into residential properties.

“My appeal to town clerks and council secretaries is that, please identify land that can specifically be given to civil servants so that they are able to build houses,” she said.

Ms Sinyangwe said government workers have been left out in the land empowerment progrmames being undertaken by most councils in the province yet they had the financial capacity to develop it once given.

“Government workers are better placed to mobilise resources to develop land because government has devised initiatives in which civil servants can access funding to build houses.” “ It is prudent that town clerks and council secretaries take this motion to the full council meetings so that this matter receives the attention it deserves.”

The PS however directed local authorities to put in place strict measures that would deter government workers from reselling the land once allocated.

Ms Sinyangwe suggested that a clause be provided in the contract of land transfer that would restrict change of ownership of the property.

“This government is determined to empowerment civil servants so that that they are able to own property of their own from which they would be able to generate wealth in the future”, she said.

And Ms Sinyangwe has cautioned government workers against taking advantage of the current transition period to abuse or steal public resources.

The PS said the police and other security wings were on high alert and that government workers who would be found wanting will be arrested and prosecuted.

“Some of you might be tempted to steal government property such as motor vehicles because you think people are not aware that such motor vehicles belong to the state”,  she said.

Mrs Simyangwe directed District Commissioners to take full inventory of all government assets in their respective areas saying the transition  period was crucial as government property became vulnerable.

Mrs Sinyangwe said it was for this reason that she was going round districts explaining economic and financial management measures instituted by government in the current transition period.