Scott threatens to delay PF Convention in case of confusion

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—Acting President Guy Scott has threatened to ‘postpone’ the PF General Conference by one week if it is true that there are some people who are trying to cause confusion at the Conference.


Dr Scott says it has come to his attention that some PF cadres are planning to disturb the conference slated for this weekend.


"I may delay the PF General Conference by a week if it is true that there are some people who will cause confusion during confusion," Dr Scott warned.


The PF General Convention is expected to take place on Saturday November 29, 2014 at Mulungushi Rock of Authority in Kabwe where the delegates would meet to elect a president of the party who shall also be the presidential candidate at the forth coming presidential election set for January 20, 2015.


Dr Scott announced recently that 5000 delegates are expected to attend the Conference.


Dr Scott said this on ZNBC 19-00 hours Main News monitored in Lusaka by ZANIS this evening.


A few days ago, pro-Edgar Lungu members of the Central Committee apologized to Dr Scott for their alleged misconduct.


Squabbles have rocked the ruling party over succession to late President Michael Sata.


Nine candidates, among them Mr. Sata’s widow, Christine Kaseba, have applied for the top job.



  1. Dr scott is rite coz he dosent want to see confusions,he wants to hand over in a peaceful way.he means wel.

  2. Order must come to PF members mind- the lack of order and following of the layed down and agreed proceedure shows a lot of what is to come when PF takes over the presidence. Its like PF and Sata where not the same thing. What a burden one person carried for so longer, no wonder he agreed to leave this earth. MHSRIEP