PS warns against selfish leaders hijacking Zambia

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-Eastern Province Permanent Secretary Chileshe Mulenga says the country should not be high jacked by selfish leaders who want to oppress the poor and uneducated.

Giving a passionate speech at the opening of the third quarter Provincial Development Coordinating Committee meeting in Chipata today, Dr Mulenga said that Zambia would only develop if selfless leaders  acknowledge the various developments that the country has recorded in the last three years and build on what was initiated by the late Republican President Michael Sata.

Dr. Mulenga cited the Link Zambia 8000 Road Project as one that needed to be continued as it would connect the country to the global community saying this would enhance the growth of the economy.

The Permanent Secretary noted that Zambia could only be a good place for all if she had prudent leaders and a civil service that is free of corruption.

“Zambia can develop if people address the needs of the poor and the uneducated, and not the elite. If the civil service continues to fight corruption, nepotism and selfishness and observe rules and regulations”,  he said.

Dr. Mulenga hoped that the next government would continue to lead eastern province to prosperity saying the province had a developmental plan which should be implemented.

“We are in a transition period following the death of President Sata, whatever happens, I hope that   whoever comes will be told that we had a developmental plan  where we intend to grow the economy of the province by 50 percent in 2015”, he said.

He acknowledged the uncertainty in the ruling Patriotic Front but expressed confidence that the party had good leaders who could lead the country.

Dr Mulenga stated that there were bad elements in the civil service that focuss more on allowances as opposed to the developmental programmes of the province.

He stated that the civil service was well funded but some workers abused the funds for selfish gains.

The permanent Secretary accused some civil society organisations of supporting corruption in the civil service saying it was unfortunate.