Nawakwi,Chipimo sign social contract on constitution

Edith Nawakwi Ndola, Main Masala township tour
Edith Nawakwi Ndola, Main Masala township tour

The Grand Coalition on the Demand for the People Driven Constitution has officially launched its 2015 presidential candidate constitution-enactment pledge committing all president candidates who will sign the social contract to the enactment of the new constitution before the 2016 general elections if elected president.

The commitment binds the candidates to ensure that the final draft constitution as released by the Zambian government is adopted through a referendum and enacted by Parliament without any alterations.

Speaking shortly after signing the pledge document, FDD President Edith Nawakwi said her party was particularly excited to be part of this process.

Ms. Nawakwi says this is in order that if her party is voted in it will be reminded and held accountable at its pledge to prioritize the enactment of a new constitution.

And NAREP president Elias Chipimo junior who has also signed the constitution enactment pledge says his party is delighted to be part of the process that recognizes the importance of finally turning the corner for Zambia.

Mr. Chipimo states that this is because everything for the country starts and ends with a good constitution.

He has however cautioned that should there be a failure to get things right this time after concluding a process that comes truly close to reflecting the will of the people, the people of Zambia will continue seeing the same poverty and underdevelopment that have plagued their country.

Speaking earlier, Grand Coalition Chairperson Leonard Chiti says the Coalition will aim at getting all 2015 presidential candidates to sign the pledge as a signature of their commitment to delivering a new constitution to the Zambian people.

Father Chiti has also maintained that should any presidential candidate that is to be voted in fail to honor his or her signed pledge; the Coalition will pull out the document he or she signed as a reminder of the pledged commitment.