Mumba advises RB to form his party

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-Opposition embattled Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) Nevers Mumba has challenged the former Republican President, Rupiah Banda, to form his own political party and contest the 2015 presidential election.


 Dr Mumba says it is wishful thinking for former President Banda to contest the MMD presidency ahead of next year presidential poll.


 Dr Mumba says Mr Banda was nominated by an illegally ‘constituted’ National Executive Committee (NEC) whose decision to suspend him as Party President has been halted by the court of law.


In a statement released to ZANIS today, the opposition leader argues that MMD has got an eligible sitting president who is no other than himself.


“As President of my party, I will lead the MMD as its presidential candidate in the forthcoming presidential by-election set for January 20, 2015.  If former president Banda wants to contest the MMD presidency, then he should find another party which has no eligible sitting president, “Dr Mumba said.


He said there are no changes in the party structures in the MMD and advised party office-bearers at Provincial, District, Constituency, Ward and Branch levels to remain calm and should not be used to foster support for Mr Banda’s campaign.


Meanwhile, Dr Mumba has disclosed that he would on November 29, 2014 kick-start the national campaign in his home town and district, Chinsali in Muchinga province.


But former Republican President, Rupiah Banda, has today formally accepted the nomination to stand on MMD ticket with a pledge to re-unite the nation.


Mr Banda, who was flanked by staunch followers during his 3-year rule administration, charged that he has been forced out of retirement due to poor management of the economy by the ruling Patriotic Front government. 


The former ruling party is engulfed in power strife ahead of the next year’s poll between incumbent Dr Mumba and Mr Banda.