LIBONGANI to investigate attacks on ZNBC

Police IG Libongani
Police IG Libongani

Police Inspector General STELLA LIBONGANI says she will investigate why police failed to act when ZNBC Newsroom was stormed into.MS LIBONGANI says police do not need instructions from her at all times.She says police can individually or severally act in the interest of ensuring law and order.



.The Law Association of Zambia -LAZ- has condemned the reported attacks by some government officials on the national broadcaster, ZNBC.LAZ President, GEORGE CHISANGA says attacks on the media by some government officials is a serious breach of the general public’s rights to information.Mr CHISANGA has explained that ZNBC has a mandate to broadcast truthful information, regardless of political, cultural, religious and social affiliation.




  1. Madam just discipline your officers who refused to arrest the Minister when they were called upon.

  2. this iz when she talkin, where waz she all this while i bet she waz jst waitin 4 instructionz to act 4rm the senior party officials….100 likes 4 HH