Door-to-door HIV testing proposed

Emerine Kabanshi
Emerine Kabanshi

MINISTER of Community Development, Mother and Child Health Emerine Kabanshi has called for door to door HIV/AIDS testing as nine out of 10 Zambians do not test at designated places for various reasons.
Speaking during the launch of the HIV testing week in Lusaka yesterday, Ms Kabanshi noted that HIV testing remains low and that “mobile door-to-door testing should be an answer to this problem”.

“While nine out 10 women and men know where to get tested, only 35 percent women and 20 percent men have been tested,” Ms Kabanshi said
And National AIDS Council Director General Jabblin Mulwanda said World AIDS Day is still important 30 years after the epidemic emerged.


Zambia Daily Mail


  1. pipo advocating this are just in it for allowances. mobiles centres and gvt clinics are ok.we do not want suicide rate to increase. pipo who are not ready to be tested will be tested.pipo who make a decision to travel to the testing centers are ready for either positive or negative results.if its donor money fine but not from our taxes.