Zambia has become a laughing stock – FODEP

FODEP Exective Director Mr McDonald Chipenzi
FODEP Exective Director Mr McDonald Chipenzi

The Foundation for Democratic Process (FODEP) says it has now come to terms with observations by other stakeholders that Zambia has become a laughing stock under the PF government.

FODEP Executive Director MacDonald Chipenzi says from the interactions that his organization has had at the international civil society week taking place in Johannesburg South Africa, it has become clear to his organization that Zambia’s international reputation has been destroyed by the PF government.

In an interview with Qfm News via Telephone, Mr. Chipenzi has observed that with the persistent wrangles in the PF, the ruling party will have no one but itself to blame if they lose the 2015 presidential by-election.

Mr. Chipenzi notes that this is because the ruling PF has demonstrated high levels of indiscipline and immaturity especially after the death of party and republican President Michael Sata.

He says FODEP finds it shameful that the ruling party can conduct itself in such a manner during the power transition.

Mr Chipenzi has since appealed to the ruling party to realize that they are the party in government.

The FODEP Executive Director says government programme must not suffer because of internal party wrangles.

And Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) Copperbelt province Chairman Yotam Mutayachalo says what is happening in the ruling party is disappointing.

Mr Mutayachalo says the confusion in the PF should not be allowed to spillover and paralyze government operations.

He says PF leaders should not take the Zambian people for granted.

Mr Mutayachalo has challenged the PF government to resign so that the country can go for the general election.

He states that it will be cheaper for the country to hold the general election.

 Report by Lazarous Sichula




  1. Sure, that’s what happen when opportunist gather, these fools should thank the late present Sata who made it possible for them, I m not interested in their stupidity

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