Ref: 58 Letters to My Future President. Letter Two – Stella Mutale Sata

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Dear Sixth President of Zambia.

Ref: 58 Letters to My Future President. Letter Two.

Mr. or Ms. President.

Today I listened to a plausible intended recipient of my letter, Mr. Hakainde Hichilema promise to donate his Presidential Salary to an Education Charity if he wins the election. This caught my attention because I am extremely passionate about education.

Dear Future President, I hope you recognize the role that education plays in our society. My gardener and maid’s last child is in grade 4. He is a young intelligent boy who possesses the kind of natural intelligence that I believe his generation will richly benefit from. At first, he used to live in Chongwe with his older brothers and I only interacted with him when he came to visit his parents on weekends. It worried me that he did not seem to possess the required knowledge, skills and abilities that the average grade 4 should know read, so I facilitated his transfer from his school in Chongwe to Woodlands A primary school so that I could monitor his progress.

I know Woodlands A is a good school and has produced bright people who have contributed positively to society, but I worry that schools that are not in Lusaka are not as good.

So when you become President, I pray that you push the Ministry of Education to review the standards of public schools in and out of Lusaka. There is no point achieving the Millennium Development Goal that asks for every child to attend Primary Education, if the primary education they attend leaves much to be desired.

We can not produce a generation of educated people who are half baked.

Mr. or Ms. President, I thank you for listening to me, and I hope you remember my simple request when you become Father or Mother of our beautiful Nation.

May God perfect that which concerns you.

God in the driver’s seat.