Northern PF appeal to Scot to recognise Mwamba Sosala

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Patriotic Front (PF) Northern province Secretary Everist Chela has appealed to Acting Republican President Guy Scot to consider recognizing Mwamba Sosala as Chief Chitimukulu as a matter of urgency.


ZANIS reports that Mr Chela made the appeal this morning in a news bulletin aired on MANO Community radio station at 06:45 hours.


Mr Chela said Acting President Scot should quickly recognize the embattled Chief as Chief Chitimukulu to avoid losing the majority votes which were given to the late President Michael Sata and Malole area Member of Parliament Christopher Yaluma which were the highest country wide in the 2011 tripartite elections.


And a concerned Kasama resident has warned that the Patriotic Front risked losing the forth coming presidential by-election to the opposition if it continued not to recognize Mwamba Sosala as Paramount Chief for the Bemba speaking people.


The concerned resident who spoke to ZANIS on condition of anonymity said the late President Michael Sata was ill advised not to have recognized Mwamba Sosala as Chief Chitimukulu.


He has since appealed to Acting President Guy Scout to immediately recognize Mwamba Sosala as Paramount Chief Chitimukulu in order to win the votes from the Bemba speaking people who feel they have been let down by the PF government.