Lungu deserves to be Sixth President

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Deputy Minister in the Office of the Vice President Davies Mwango says Edgar Lungu is the preferred presidential candidate because he possesses leadership qualities.


Addressing journalists in Chisamba today, Mr Mwango said Mr Lungu who doubles as Defence and Justice Minister deserves to become the sixth republican president because he is humble and hard working.


The Deputy Minister said Mr Lungu has what it takes to win the January 20, presidential by-elections because he is the desirable candidate for the people of Zambia.


Mr Mwango said it is very evident that the people of Zambia want Edgar Lungu to continue with the legacy of late President Micheal Sata.


Mr Mwango said even Mr Sata had great confidence in him to warrant his appointment to two senior cabinet portfolios in addition to the position of party secretary general.


He said he is not intimidated that UPND has kick started campaigns backed by veteran politicians Vernon Mwaanga, Malimba Masheke, Sketchley Sachika and other high profile people such as Maureen Mwanawasa.


Mr Mwango expressed optimism that peace will reign in the PF in order for the ruling party to choose Mr Lungu at the general conference as its presidential candidate.



  1. If he’s goin to be chosen as PF president. He’s goin to lose….he cant even do shit! here in his constituancy.

  2. the one sleeping under his roof nows where it is leaking.u are right people today are busy coting human sense knowledge than the directives of the almight.leadership is not about the past ,ability to inspire people, eloquence or educational background these are man’s natural gifts.leadership is an inborn supernatural gift from God and remember God does not consider the outward qualities but inner being.

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