Elephants terrorise Lukulu residents

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—Residents of Lukulu district in Western Province are living in fear following the presence of elephants in the area.

Speaking in a telephone interview with ZANIS, Lukulu District Commissioner, Precious Muyenga, said she reported to Wild Life Authority (ZAWA) that five elephants – two young and three adults – are terrorising homes causing panic among residents.

Ms Muyenga said the elephants have also caused damage to the food reserves of the people in affected villages.

And Western Region Senior Wild Life Warden Gryton Kasamu, has confirmed the development to ZANIS in an interview.

Mr Kasamu added that his office is sending game rangers to ascertain the damage caused to the crops by the jumbos and take appropriate remedial measures to the problem.

He further noted that the elephants are suspected to have strayed from North Kafue National Park.

Human-animal conflict is a common sight in Western Province as the area is endowed with abundant wildlife and other natural resources.