Lusaka Province PF Chairman doubts Scott’s loyalty to PF

Guy Scott - Sata
Guy Scott - Sata

Lusaka Province Patriotic Front (PF) Chairman Davies Chama has charged that he doubted acting president Guy Scott loyalty even before president Sata died.

Mr. Chama has told QFM News in an interview that there is no need for party members to panic or feel betrayed following what the party is going through but stay strong and keep campaigning for who they want.

Mr. Chama explains that it is in this regard that all patriotic front members need to abide and respect what the constitution says.

He  stresses that  the party  will remain  vigilant and every  other  member should    for   now  concentrate on campaigning  for the candidate of their  choice in peace and harmony.

Mr. Chama indicates that the people will have the chance to elect the   leader of their choice at the general conference and time will soon tell who that leader will be.

He has since advised that party leadership in Lusaka to stay calm and let God be in charge of whatever is causing confusion.

Report by Nancy Chenga




  1. Where are the real patrotic front members?can you just sit back and watch the party being destroyed?Does the man sitting at the helm of all proceedings. understand what he is doing to the party and our peaceful nation.Let him reverse his actions before now or risk loosing as Mr Lubinda correctly observes.Cry our beloved nation cry our beloved party that is being destroyed with all eyes watching.Uwashupa bulakasembe umukome

  2. And why kaseba trying fool pipo that sata vision ?she was only married to Sata & she ll marry another man of her choice. she is trying capitalise on someone’s family noooo!