Guards arrested in the faked Kabwe aggravated robbery

Police arrest handcuffs arrested jail
Police arrest handcuffs

THE day-time aggravated robbery which allegedly took place at the Barclays Bank ATM located at Puma filling station in Kabwe has taken a new twist.
Police have picked up two security guards and a taxi driver for staging a fake aggravated robbery.
Central Province police commissioner Standwell Lungu and other police sources yesterday said the footage of the CCTV at the ATM revealed that two guards from two different security companies staged a fake robbery in an attempt to cover up previous thefts of money at the ATM.
Mr Lungu said it was not Barclays Bank cashiers, who were involved in the theft but two security guards, who had access to the ATM’s safe room because they had been tasked to replenish the money when it finished.
“Two security guards who had the keys to the ATM have been arrested. It’s like they have been stealing money for a period of time and in trying to cover up they organised a fake robbery with their driver using a toy gun and stole K20,000,” Mr Lungu said.
Mr Lungu said the police recovered the K20,000 from the three, but preliminary police investigations indicate that money amounting to over K1 million has not been accounted for.
Some police sources on Friday revealed that K1,228,090 had been stolen.


Zambia Daily Mail