Fr Bwalya has betrayed the political Alliance – Msoni

Father Frank Bwalya - 2014
Father Frank Bwalya - 2014

The opposition All People’s Congress (APC) Party President Nason Msoni says Alliance for a Better Zambia (ABZ) Leader Father Frank Bwalya has betrayed political alliance members for deciding to rally behind the ruling PF. Mr. Msoni says Father Bwalya as the coordinator of the alliance should have thought of the injury he will leave on the alliance members before leaving in such a manner. Mr. Msoni has liked the decision taken by Father Bwalya as a woman who abandons her baby for greener pastures.

He says he is disappointed that the man of God who inspired a lot of people can turn his back and betray his colleagues in such a manner. He adds that the people are not sleeping and that they are watching every move that the ABZ is taking and one day he will be pay for his actions. The APC Leader says the remaining members in the alliance will not lose focus but that they will remain united even more.  Report by Albert Mpezeni.