Rupiah Banda has not confirmed to stand, Mumba remains suspended


The MMD says former President Rupiah Banda has not officially communicated to the party whether he will stand on the MMD ticket.

MMD National Secretary Muhabi Lungu has told journalists during a briefing in Lusaka that the National Executive Committee (NEC) is hopeful that Mr. Banda will agree to stand on the MMD ticket.

Mr. Lungu says MMD President Nevers Mumba remains suspended until he complies with the constitution and regulations of the party.

He says Dr. Mumba has no authority to declare himself a candidate for the former ruling party, stating that the power to pick a candidate lies with the NEC.

And Mr. Lungu says the MMD is still in talks with the opposition UPND over a possible alliance.

Speaking at the same event, MMD Women Chairperson Faustina Sinyangwe says the party started receiving petitions eight months ago for Mr. Banda to return to the party and unite it.

Meanwhile there was confusion at the MMD secretariat today after supporters of suspended MMD President Nevers Mumba attempted to disrupt the press briefing which was being held by party National Secretary Muhabi Lungu.

The cadres supporting Dr. Mumba clashed with those in support of former President Rupiah Banda throwing pelting stones and other objects at each other.

And MMD Lusaka Province Chairman Watson Mtongo told journalists shortly after the fracas that Dr. Mumba should act as a genuine man of God and not resort to using violence in resolving issues.

Mr. Mtonga says he is disappointed that Dr. Mumba can allegedly send what he has termed as ‘thugs’ to attack the people who were at the party secretariat.




  1. Muhabi Lungu is a disgrace to the young leaders. How can he sink so low and wants a 77 year old man with a sick wife to be his President. I wish hee was fighting for himself as president. Now he is waiting for Banda to confirm. The mistake they are making is thinking RBB is popular and known because he was once President, but they are not picking what people are saying on the ground. I have not heard any sane person speak well about Rupiah coming back to politics. Am sure this time around he will cry the loudest because he will even lose to Chipimo and Hakainde. Mark my works.

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