People calling Kaseba names are hypocrites – Mwanza

First Laady Dr Christine Kaseba addresses the Media at UN Building in Geneva, Switzerland
First Laady Dr Christine Kaseba addresses the Media at UN Building in Geneva, Switzerland

Governance Activist, Isaac Mwanza, says it is hypocritical for some people to call former First Lady Christine Kaseba names following her expression of interest to contest for the PF presidency.

Mr. Mwanza has told QFM News in an interview that he has no doubt that Dr. Kaseba is capable of running the office of president.

He says Dr. Kaseba needs the support of every man and woman especially at such a time that she has to battle against some ancient traditions and old beliefs.

Mr. Mwanza, who is also Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) Governance Advisor, is of the view that Zambians should not trivialize the mourning that Dr. Kaseba is going through and use her declared readiness to stand for President as a sign of not mourning her late husband.

He says Dr. Kaseba is a brave woman and that Zambians should praise her for setting a high bar and challenging the country’s beliefs and attitudes.

Mr Mwanza adds that even as the men go to campaign to succeed President Sata, they should conduct issue based campaigns and not discriminate against Dr. Kaseba on the basis of the period of time she is mourning her late husband.

He says everyone is mourning in the nation and there must be no reason to only ask one woman to be bound by traditions that she cannot come out and participate in political activities of the country, while other men that are mourning are doing so and using the name of late President Sata to ascend to power.

Mr Mwanza has since called on women; girls and women organizations to give the former first lady the support she might need and take her action as a step towards fighting the ancient traditions that made women look inferior while promoting men’s interests.



  1. Anyways she has got her democratic right to stand. What is just unfornate and suspicious is the sudden change from I am mourning to I am standing. Is there an invisible hand behind her decisions? She is a very capable woman who has excelled very well in medical practice and research and I hope she is going to grow a thick skin in politics!

  2. some pipo r just ma inhderance to pragress.let her stand,y worry about hw she feeling as u care about her o husband.Mrs sata u have my vote.

  3. Atembo how can just watch other pipo destroy what your wife earned after so many years of hard work. That would mean being an iresponsible father

  4. Amwanza Amwanza….ur wife dies today then 8 days later ur busy chasin to take over her job!ur nuts…not even tradition shud b forwarded as a reason but even in th western world such behaviour wud b frownd upon…8 days after som1 uv spent an eternity wit passes on and ur claimin th demise of th party wud b worse than th loss of ur spouse!Mwanza ,use u cerebrum well wello…

  5. Imwe she is suposed to mourn the husband,,barely 8 days u start compaining as u re happy that he died?she said she consulted family now whch family coz even her Son is standing?