North MMD maintains stance on Nevers

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MMD officials in Northern Province say they will stick to their earlier decision to rally behind and campaign for party president Nevers Mumba despite manoeuvres by some MMD National Executive Committee (NEC) members to suspend him.

The MMD NEC this week ‘suspended’ party president Nevers Mumba for alleged gross misconduct and appointed former President Rupiah Banda as its presidential candidate for the January 20 presidential election.

But this move has been rejected by some party members who have also described the development as a coup d’état.

Provincial Information Secretary Cephas Bwalya told ZANIS today that the party in Northern and Muchinga provinces was busy campaigning and has organized thousands of supporters to escorts Dr. Mumba during the filing of nominations as MMD presidential candidate next month.

Mr. Bwalya said party members in the area have also been instructed to ignore the NEC decision and treat former president Banda as an opponent in the forthcoming elections.

He reiterated that MMD members will not tolerate the usurping of political power through unconstitutional and undemocratic means by any person regardless of their status in society.