Five people drown in Luapula River

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Five people including a two babies have drowned in the Luapula river in Mwense district after the canoe they were where using for fishing capsized.
Disclosing the matter to ZANIS in Mansa Luapula Province, Police Commissioner Malcolm Mulenga named the five as Jacqueline Mwansa 28, Florence Mpundu 23, Shadrick Chileya 9, Jacqueline Mwansa one and Benny Mwansa two months all of Mutondo Village in Chief Lubunda’s Chiefdom.
Commissioner Mulenga however said the body of a Shadrick Chileya a nine year old has not been retrieved.
He said on 18 November, 2014, the five went fishing with a canoe which was being paddle by Samuel Kalenga 23 of Mulundu in Mwense around 10:00 hours when water got into got into the boat through a hole on the base of the canoe which led to it capsizing.
He said the coxswain Shadrick Kalenga survived as he managed to swim to swim across the river.
He said the search is still on for the missing child but the bodies of the rest have since been buried.
In related incident, a 15 year old boy of Kabundafyela in Mwense has drowned in the Luapula River.
Timothy Kabaso drowned after he and his young brother Charles Mpundu 12 were hired to ferry bamboo trees across the Luapula River into the Democratic Republic of Congo.