Dr Guy Lindsay Scott’s Suspension letter 20th November 2014

Chipolopolo hit Blue Sharks in Pictures by EDDIE MWANALEZA-10
Chipolopolo hit Blue Sharks in Pictures by EDDIE MWANALEZA-10

20th November 2014

Suspension letter of Dr Guy Lindsay Scott

Acting President of Zambia

Trotover Farm

Mukuyu Turn-off

Off Leopards Hill Cemetery

Ref: Suspension from the office of interim President of the Patriotic Front with immediate effect

Dear Dr. Scott.

We regret to inform you that the Central Committee at its last meeting resolved to suspend you from your office for a period of sixty (60) days with immediate effect.

The grounds of your suspension are listed below:

1. Usurping the powers of the Central Committee and Cabinet by cancelling the meetings of the said organs and single handily making decisions regarding the funeral of our late beloved President Michael Chilufya Sata. This was in total violation of Article 74: sub: 29 c and (p) which resulted into President Sata’s funeral being the worst organised state funeral ever in the history of Zambia.

2. Purported to have dismissed the Secretary General of the party (Hon. Edgar Lungu) without consulting the Central Committee and in total disregard of national security and the interest of the party. The said acts violated Article 74 sub section 79 (P)

3. Cancelling a legally called Extra-Ordinary Central Committee Meeting scheduled for 13th November 2014 in total disregard of the provisions of the party constitution and regulations as provided for in Article 74 Sub section 29 (a) , (b)

4. Appointing yourself President of the party without authority as provided for in the constitution, see for example, your letter in which you cancelled the scheduled central committee meeting of November 13, 2014 and the provisions of Article 74 sub section 29 (k)

5. Deciding unilaterally and causing to be published in the Post newspaper of 14th November 2014, a public notice inviting applicants to contest the party Presidency in total disregard of the provisions of Articles 74 sub sections 67, 68 and 73 as read with Articles 46 of the party constitution

6. Constituting a committee to organise a general committee of the party without the authority of the Central Committee as provided for in Article 74 Sub section 29 (a) (b) (c) (I) and (p)

7. Deciding unilaterally and without authority of the central committee to call for an Extra Ordinary General Conference at Mulungushi University in Kabwe without regard to the party provisions

8. Consulting government officials namely Musa Mweenye and Mutembo Nchito on the matters of the party in total disregard of provisions of Article 74 sub section 29 (g) and (p)

9. You repeated the Act of calling for a general conference without consulting or indeed seeking authority of the central committee even after assuring the central committee on Monday 17th November 2014 that you would not make any unilateral decisions pertaining to the elections.

In line with the regulations, you cannot attend to and act/or Act on any party matters during the period of your suspension. You must also surrender to the office of the central committee any party property that maybe in your possession by virtue of your office.

You have also been given a period of seven days (7) in which you must exculpate yourself.

Members of the Central Committee

Cc: The Chairperson, Patriotic Front;

All Members of the Central Committee

Emmanuel Mwamba


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