Council of Churches in Zambia rebukes RB

Rupiah Bwezani Banda RB
Rupiah Bwezani Banda RB

THE Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ) has condemned the decision by former Republican President Rupiah Banda to bounce back into active politics to contest in the forthcoming Presidential elections on the MMD ticket.
CCZ president Alfred Kalembo observed that Mr Banda’s time in politics had passed and that the former Head of State should instead be a consultant to the younger generation in politics rather than wanting to bounce back.
“Mr Banda has been in politics for a long time, from the days of UNIP and in MMD, we believe he has run his time in politics, it is reasonable for him to be a counsellor and offer consultancy by using his experience to train upcoming leaders,” Bishop Kalembo said.
Bishop Kalembo who was flanked by other clergymen including CCZ general secretary Susanne Matale advised MMD leaders to stick to their constitution and not twist the rules to suit someone’s agenda.
The prayer of the council was that leaders must learn to groom younger people to take up leadership from them by working closely with them.
The council also decided not to take any position regarding former First Lady Dr Christine Kaseba Sata’s decision to contest for party presidency and subsequently for Presidential elections.
“The decision is purely up to her as she has a right as a citizen to express her aspirations, she knows how to she would handle the moral aspect of her decision,” he said.
The CCZ expressed optimism that the transitional period leading to the forthcoming Presidential elections would be peaceful.
The Church appealed to Zambians to give support to acting President Dr Guy Scott who is a legitimate leader during this transitional period to superintend over the period as provided for by the constitution.
The Church also urged political parties vying for the presidency to abide by democratic principles and values and refrain from using cadres in undemocratic way to achieve personal goals and interests.
“We also wish to speak to the cartel if indeed they exist to refrain from instilling fear in people and to let good reason prevail in the nation. We have no need for cartels or any other factions whether in the parties or the nation to disrupt the peace and development in the nation,” Bishop Kalemba added.
The Church had confidence that party leaders would exhibit high moral and ethical values to ensure that their political ambitions and differences did not threaten the country’s peace and security.
He also appealed to the people of Zambia to elect a leader who had the interest of the people especially the less privileged by uplifting their standard of living.


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  1. So RB is not a citizen now, ka? What nonsense is this? Open ended statements are very injurious to the readers. Stupid clergy men and women

  2. Who are you to tell Mr. Banda that his time has passed, who made you the decider? If the man feels he can contribute to this great country by running an attaining the president so be it. There’s no mileage to be gained by condemning a well meaning citizen. Ni wako Mwana?