Climate Change likely to affect food security

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Lunga District Agricultural Coordinator Musonda N’gonga says changes in climate conditions are likely to affect national food security.

Mr N’gonga observed that the effect of climate change will be largely felt in rural communities where people depend on climate sensitive sectors like agriculture and fisheries.

Speaking to ZANIS in an interview in Lunga district, Mr. N’gonga said climate change has resulted in rain patterns becoming unpredictable.

Mr. N’gonga said there is need for people to adapt to the changes in climate by planting varieties that suit the prevailing climate conditions.

The Agricultural Coordinator said during the 2006/2007 rain season floods affected 1,443,583 people in 41 districts of by then nine provinces in Zambia.

Mr. N’gonga reiterated the need for sensitization that will ensure the reduction in deforestation which has an effect on the climate.